DDPGSE Support for Indonesian Airforce defense

In order of studying the defense of the Indonesian Air Force support which is GSE, Air Force officers made a visit to the workshop DDPGSE to see directly where the GSE defense industry which supporting the Indonesian Air Force made.

The event was opened by the head DDPGSE followed by gathering with the introduction between team DDPGSE with the Air Force officers who were present. The next team DDPGSE provide an overview of the vision and mission DDPGSE in terms of support to the Indonesian Air Force and a discussion of the process of manufacture and repair of military equipment specific GSE.

The opportunity is given to the officers of the Air Force to ask a question and ask the fundamental question that the Indonesian Air Force officer on the benchmark manufacture and repair of military special GSE tool can be explained by the team DDPGSE clearly.

The event closed with the award by the Air Force officer to DDPGSE in the field of defense industry,  particulary in  GSE areas, received directly by the head of DDPGSE.